Manage your Wastage, Making charges, Metal and stone rate with our goldsmith management add On.

Goldsmith Management gives you:

Manage jewel making instrumentality facilities, and bar metals in prime form to assist cut buying prices, inventory levels, and inventory carrying prices, whereas maximising profits.

For jewellery makers, we are having this special feature to facilitate service, components delivery, warranty, associated once sales client care as an interconnected whole.

Gain quick, 24×7 access to essential knowledge from all business areas and for all key stakeholders-both internal and external to the organization

Who is it for?

It can be used for all type of repair  management services like air conditioners, cctv, water purifiers, kitchen equipments, surgical equipments, inverters, batteries, and it best suits for Repair Services for computer peripherals service center like laptop, desktop, mobile, service and even fits best for automobile service and care centre.

How does it work with Reach Accountant?

Reach your reach accountant website using your unique userid and personalized password. After logged in find our repair management tab and job sheet tab. repair management tab includes  you may view the status of the job sheet with job number, start date, end date, amount, customer organization, name, mobile, place, efficiency remarks and also the executive otherwise service engineer. it also includes the special feature called age of repair which shows the number of items that the item is subjected to repair.

Optimize and automate orders

Take competencies of our sophisticated order routing and Shipping cost optimization to make certain orders get to your consumers as speedily and inexpensively as possible.

Complement your warehouses

Seamlessly integrate your own locations with reach jewellery ERP Software global warehouse community, and take competencies of Reach jewelry ERP software one hundred% accuracy guarantee and shipping offerings.

Customize your orders

Satisfaction your patrons with shipping confirmations, Our Software is packed with Customized packing lists with real-time delivery premiums and order management features.

Manipulate your operations

Print shipping labels and manipulate your orders by way of Reach jewellery ERP software dashboard and stock management procedure.

On-line Order administration procedure

Reach jewellery ERP software custom-made on-line order management method is designed to make sure our consumers Software run smoothly from begin to finish. Via an actual-time, internet-headquartered catalog and ordering system, purchasers can control the drift of factor of buy  materials to all franchise and enterprise places. Designed as a gateway to observe promotions, our on-line order management process frees up buyers’ time with the aid of permitting retailer homeowners to build their configurations and order directly based on their character needs. Our simple, patron-managed on-line ordering approach decreases effort in tabulating results from countless sources, finally leading to lowered error and not more out of date inventory. Additionally, our administration approach is integrated with main cargo carriers to enable consumers to track shipments in real time and look at current stock

I used to Suggest Clients “Before buying an ERP Software, Run a Trail and better know yourself- how ERP Software Uplifts your Business?”

If you want to know how this works, You can fix a online demo from >>> Meet Us

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