Shoppers anticipate laundries maintain monitor of inventory counts, orders, delivery schedules, on site inventory and soil returns. Reach Laundry ERP Software provides Laundry management resolution which allows single and multiple branch laundry organizations to elevate the Laundry process and management of their firm and additionally make customers responsible with extended phases of effectiveness.

Laundry ERP Software

Laundry ERP Software

Sales Order Management

Reach Laundry ERP Software manipulate resolution and take sales order through automatic knowledge gathering technology to support the foremost techniques of stock counts, ordering and Laundry returns, identification and sorting.  The soiled information gathered provides the input to necessities planning for laundry and finishing procedures. Reach Laundry ERP Software completes the basic for laundry flow evaluation and consumer accountability. Reach Laundry ERP Software supplies the groundwork to effortlessly manage your counting and sorting tactics.

Invoice Software

Invoicing that fits each and every contract requirement. Multiple billing approaches, invoice Templates with multiple invoice layout. Reach Laundry ERP Software’s cloud portal enables your customers to document stock counts, position orders, reprint delivery notes and invoices. Preserve key knowledge centrally for all crops, utilizing our powerful and significant database strategy. Certainly not reproduction a consumer or product report again

Mobile App

Many laundry firms have challenges to manage their merchandise. They must be certain order demand is met, while monitoring product returns. Reach Laundry ERP Software’s Android smartphone purposes for consumers, Account Managers and Route drivers. Absolutely integrated and intuitive applications to use within the subject.

RFID Integration

Monitor, Track and hint each Laundry Item utilising bar-codes or Trace each item simply the high priced ones through RFID Feature. Total route manipulate and administration comes average. Flexible route logistics to suit every consumer/product supply schedule. RFID, you also benefit from directly controlling UHF readers and not using a third get together required.

Billing Software

Billing with the aid of set, wearer and circulating stock are simply a few of the many options which you could pick from for invoicing. Whole route manage and management comes standard. Bendy route logistics to go well with each patron/product supply time table.

Order Processing

Dealing with patron orders quickly and effectively makes your laundry operation competitive and creates patron loyalty. That you may not manage to pay for to allow your order approach to get bogged down or end up inflexible. Buyers won’t tolerate slow, inaccurate know-how regarding garment availability, pricing or delivery. There’ll be no trouble while moving business to new branch. Reach Laundry ERP software does the tough work, so that you don’t have to.

Point of Sale

The Product information is handed from Reach Laundry ERP Software to the sorting procedure on the proper second to participate in sortation, and popularity and manage information is handed back to arrive Laundry ERP software for monitoring, analysis and avert and reentry of knowledge. Interface with the sorting approach of your choice. Reach Laundry ERP application presents the tested application groundwork and links to combine your chosen sorting method whether or not you selected for barcodes or RFID tags.

Customer Relationship Management

Reach Laundry ERP application enables open, inter-manufacturer procurement between you, your consumers and your suppliers. Within the stockroom, you create Purchase Orders for brand spanking new clothes without re-keying. Your Employers may just use Reach Laundry ERP application to ship the alternate Order while serving to you to save labor and so reduce expenses. Reach Laundry ERP software streamlines your whole stockroom approach.

BookKeeping Software

With no trouble preserve every wearers stock using our simple techniques to expand/decrease sets, size exchange and document on each garment. Our intuitive web portal makes it possible for your buyers to set up, keep and document on wearers and inventory themselves, releasing you to work on other duties. We offer a dynamic laundry method to manage all facets of easy or difficult laundry contracts and construction environments.


Sales Order, Invoicing, Billing, measurement exchanges, inventory manage, repairs, purchasing, stock transfers, locker administration, seasonal inventory, emblems, embroidery, amendment, garment grade, Laundry tracking & Order tracing, maximum number of washes, garment flags, develop stock, diminish inventory, stop wearers, sorting programs, garment dispensers, Bar coding, LF/HF/UHF RFID, Smartphone entry and internet entry, and that’s simply the  of it!

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