“Resolved to Ask Myself at the End of Every Day, Week, Month and Year Wherein I Could Possibly in Any Respect have Done Better”

Jonathan edwards – Revivalist Preacher, Philosopher- Congregationalist Protestant Theologian


Preparing for your Year End is not something you should leave until the last minute. Before you can prepare your year End Accounts and Abbreviated Accounts there a few bits of Bookkeeping you need to take care of like

  1. Ledgers
  2. Figures
  3. Calculations
  4. Reconciliation
  5. Numbers
  6. Returns
  7. Statements

Current Scenario: Things you should complete at year end

  • Get your expenses in order
  • Round up those overdue invoices
  • Do a stock take
  • Collect all your paperwork
  • VAT Returns
  • Annual Return
  • Review your suppliers
  • Reconcile your bank accounts
  • Ensure your inventory asset is correct
  • Take Care of the Dead Line
  • Consult your accountant who will advise on any end of year adjustments needed, such as depreciation or tax adjustments

What happens if I miss the deadline?

Nothing Much than Penalty and it will be constantly Increasing.

How did you do your accounting today?

Haven’t you found all these could make a lot of trouble in the month and will create a headache. Here’s the Solution.


Doing Business had Changed these Days. Everything becomes online. Everyone owns Smart Phone nowadays. Making advantage of this E-commerce services offer everyone to shop online and they lead the trade when compared to offline stores. Since e-commerce brought everything directly from the factory there’s no commission rate which is the huge advantage of customers. So, Why don’t you do business and Accounting online? So Just Move On to Online.

How Reach Assist You in Accounting?

Considering the Problems in Accounting At the end of the financial year. We decided to provide instant reports which makes the year end process easy. So, there’s no need to Stand in the queue of your accountant in order to finalize your accounting and post profits to the balance sheet.

  • With Reach ERP Software Mobile App, in real time itself you can pass
    • Invoices,
    • Receipts,
    • Bills and
    • Branch Wise Payments.
  • Reach ERP Software facilitates data exchange between branches without any mess, and that gives accurate updation in products, to all your branches, and vice-versa.
  • With Reach ERP Software’s multiple godown option, You can also create a user who is responsible for the godown, with access restrictions.


Now, you can have the ultimate control on your business.

I used to Suggest Clients “Before buying an ERP Software, Run a Trail and better know yourself- how ERP Software Uplifts your Business?”

If you want to know how this works, You can fix a online demo from >>> Meet Us

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