“We are not multiple we made it all up”

-John Dixon-Sydney merchant & the retailer founder of David Jones Limited

Business is a treasure. Entrepreneurs will keep learning from their business which will follow its owner everywhere. Business will make you to think of generating income in all possible ways from various sources. When you think of making multiple source of income let your fingers will do the walking for you with our Reach ERP Software. Let’s See How to Manage Multiple Businesses with Reach ERP Software?

Stay Organized

While getting small business entrepreneur tips from serial entrepreneurs I got to know about the first about Staying organized

To avoid overwhelming when extending business entrepreneurs should stay organized. In Reach ERP software we are having organized and separate tabs for income and expenses. It is not matter whether you are doing multiple businesses or not our software will handle your multiple businesses for multiple locations. We are having special feature for adding and maintaining multiple godowns for staying organized in while thinking of doing multiple business. So by this way our software will help you to stay organized when you are busy with searching for various source of income

Bookkeeping and Accounting

The insiders guide to managing multiple businesses reminds you about bookkeeping and accounting which are the first task while doing multiple businesses.

To avoid a terrible mess of record and reports while extending business. You have to take of TDS, Tax, payroll, accounts, income, expense, banking and so on. It will surely give away the headache not only for you but also to your entire accountant and the employees. With our Reach ERP Software you can download every report for the particular period in the portable document format at anytime anywhere all you need is just simply the adobe reader and the working internet connection. That’s all the bookkeeping work is done. Account can also be easily solved by our software by automatic calculations. so there won’t be any need to go to an individual accountant or else there is no need to pay for  a part time accountant. Business owners can do accounting themselves with our software

Linking Bank Accounts

One of My favorite blogger Shauna Haider mentioned about linking personal bank account with the business account in the post about tips for managing multiple business in nubbytwiglet.

Yes Of course, I agree with her. Linking personal account with business account means a lot. Particularly while doing multiple businesses it will keep a clear cut track about your transaction details. Because there may be several ways that you may lose your priceless effort through money. So to eradicate this problem Reach ERP Software is having a special feature called Bank Reconciliation. This will automatically matches the income and expenses with the bank statement. So if there is anything else beyond these features means don’t worry. Just inbox us. We will design it especially for you from our experienced product team.

Editorial Calendar

You know Shauna Haider is really amazing. She will note even pretty little things that are why I just follow her.

In the same post she mentioned about the editorial calendar which is the most forgettable but the very important thing while doing business. If you miss even a simple meeting or if you forget to do a simple transaction while handling multiple business it will only multiple problems neither business nor profit. So, Reach ERP Software is having the default calendar with alarm. so never miss anything.

Here’s a short video narrated about doing multiple business, its problems and how Reach ERP Software Helps him to get earned?

So Don’t Forget Multiple Business is equal to Multiple Revenues.

Reach E R P, Business Simplified.


I used to Suggest Clients “Before buying an ERP Software, Run a Trail and better know yourself- how ERP Software Uplifts your Business?”

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